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What do I need to bring to my appointment?

There is no need to bring anything with you, although some brides who want to wear heels on the day will find it useful to bring a pair with them to walk around.

It is a good idea to wear nude seamless underwear as this is what you will wear on the day, a bra is not essential as in most cases you will be removing it anyway.

The spacious fitting room has a hair brush and clips, along with toiletries to freshen up. You may find it useful to wear your hair up to the appointment if you are sure you will have it up on the day itself.

How many people can I bring to an appointment?

The boutique is designed for you and up to three guests, choose the people you trust but who will leave the decisions up to you. It can get very overwhelming for you if your guests are very opinionated, so be sure to tell them what you want from the experience before hand.

Can I arrive early to my appointment?

Appointments are often run back to back, so arriving early may mean there is nowhere for you to wait as each appointment closes the boutique for their allocated time. I will always let you know if I have finished with the previous appointment early, in case you would like to come before the scheduled time. If you are booked for a 10am appointment, please note we do not open until 10am.

What do I do if I need to cancel or rearrange my appointment?

Get in touch via any means as soon as you know, it is no problem at all but as we are appointment only, I need to be made aware you are unable to attend so that I can offer it to somebody else who may really want that time. I may have also made childcare plans I need to cancel.

How long is my Appointment?

All new bridal appointments are allocated 2 hours unless otherwise specified. Further visits and fittings are less, just ask upon booking.

Is there parking?

There is 2 hour free parking on the street outside the shop, if this is full, head to Glamorgan Street which is the next right after the shop if you are driving down Park Crescent. There is usually space there which again is free, Glamorgan street is approximately a two minute walk.

How soon before the wedding should I get my dress?

Every bride is different but as soon as you book the venue you should be thinking about the dress, it doesn’t make sense to start dress shopping without a date booked, as your venue and date plays a big factor. If you are thinking about spreading the cost of the dress, you will need to come in over a year before, as when you are in the 12 months before the wedding a 50% deposit is required. Also after 12 months delivery dates become tight.

What is the price range?

Full price dresses start at £650 and our most expensive is £1799. We have a revolving sample sale, with gowns starting at £350.

Can I take photo’s?

Not of the stock unless you’re ordering, but feel free to photograph anything else, we are Insta worthy after all!

Do you stock Accessories?

Yes, I have a large selection of veils, headpieces, jewelry and more. All very competitively priced, if you don’t have a dress with us but would like to look at accessories, give me a call and we can book you in for an accessory appointment

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